Get the best of the online/trade board (Guidelines to not be scammed) READ FIRST

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Get the best of the online/trade board (Guidelines to not be scammed) READ FIRST

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:30 pm

Hello good people

It has come to my attention that several people steal etc,

The following are guidelines to not be scammed and should be taken as etiquette rules for trading too

1) Trades should take place in front of the station

2) While trading, no matter which town you are using, the host should drop the items first, the visitor SHOULD NOT pick up the items, just check he is getting what he is paying/trading for by walking over the items, once he has checked he should drop his part of the trade and only then both can start picking up the items

3) When trading/paying for villagers don’t pay a single bell unless you see that villager is packed, then go out, pay what you have in your pockets and then talk with the villager, then pay the rest of the agreed amount.

5) Don’t leave strangers unattended, a stranger wandering in your town can cut your trees, bury garbage and steal/destroy your hybrids

6) YOU HAVE THE CONTROL, if you see something is not going the way it is supposed to be TURN OFF THE WIRELSS COMUNICATION SWITCH


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